How many weekly stipends does an au pair get paid in her first year? Does the last legal work day have to be paid extra if it falls on a Monday or Tuesday?

Au pairs are due 51 weeks of stipend. Au pairs with a 52-week visa who arrive from overseas are not paid for the week at training school, so work week 1 starts the Monday after the au pair arrives to the host family home.

Most host families choose to pay their au pair each Friday when actually most au pair terms are Monday through Monday (or Tuesday in 2015/2016 terms due to leap year!). This means the first payment is actually made at the end of the au pair’s second week in the United States.

Rule of thumb is if the host family pays the first stipend after the first week of work they will pay the last stipend the Friday before their au pair leaves (the following week).

Please note that according to Cultural Care’s Vice President Amy Pond, an au pair must receive the full stipend for any portion of a week worked (since an au pair’s stipend must not be pro-rated, even an hour of work on a Monday — her/his last legal work day — would technically have to be compensated with a full stipend). 
In order to avoid having to pay the au pair an entire week’s stipend for only one work day, many host families choose to have their au pairs finish their working time before that final day on Monday. Often on that day au pairs are given the chance to gather their belongings, say good bye to friends, cancel bank accounts, clean their rooms and pack their suitcases. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 3:53 PM


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