Urgent Care Clinic vs. Emergency Room

Just in case you ever need urgent (but non-life-threatening) medical care and cannot get an appointment with your primary care physician, please check out this clinic. May au pairs in my group have gone there in the past and reported that this walk-in clinic accepts Aetna insurance (however, always confirm this information with a phone call before you go to the facility).

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Direct Urgent Care
3095 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA. 94705

E-mail: info@directurgentcare.com

If you’re thinking the ER is the only place that can handle your health issue, think again. Urgent care centers offer not only care for serious, non-life-threatening medical matters but also plenty of other services. Urgent care centers can provide or treat:

• Fractures
• Whiplash
• Sports injuries
• Falls (less than seven feet)

• Cuts and minor lacerations

• Allergies
• Sinusitis
• Cough
• Infections
• Flu
• Gastritis
• Skin lesion removal

• Burns and rashes
• Vaccinations

• Bronchitis and more


Finding an Aetna Urgent Care clinic is easy:

Get familiar with the urgent care and walk-in clinics in your neighborhood before you need them. Here’s how:

1. Visit www.aetna.com.

2. Click on “Find a Doctor.”

3. Select “Urgent Care Facilities” or “Walk-In Clinics.”

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